Blair Cobbs: Philly grit and Vegas flair

Blair “The Flair” Cobbs is owning 2019, after a breakthrough year in 2018, when he was named Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame Prospect of the Year after two exciting back to back wins, at the Belasco in Los Angeles and at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas.


So far in 2019, Blair (12-0-1, 8 KO) captured his first title, the Junior NABF welterweight in March, with a big win over Ferdinand Kerobyan, and followed that with another victory on June 21, a dominant stoppage over Robert Redmond Jr.


After the win, Blair described the bout, “This fight was another step to greatness,” Blair said of his performance. “My opponent had never been stopped or knocked down, and in the first two rounds, I put a lot of pressure on him, knocking him down for the first time in his career. I took the fourth round off and allowed Redmond to exert and punch himself out trying to break through my defense. By the sixth round, his corner said they had enough.”

The Las Vegas by way of Philly fighter is a Golden Boy prospect with a charismatic ring presence, dynamic personality and intriguing back-story. Living a tumultuous life with a family whose fortunes were gained in more illicit than conventional ways, Blair was bounced from Beverly Hills, to Mexico, Philly to New York.


Along the way, he managed to get 90 amateur fights in the chaos, without benefit of a normal life, steady trainer or anything else that could contribute to a promising amateur career. “It was a rags to riches life”, Blair said matter of factly, “and now it’s turning out pretty good.”


Eleven fights into his pro career and things finally began to happen for Blair, but only by his design.


He made the move from Philly to Vegas after a three-year span of no fights.


“I couldn’t get much going in Philly. For three years straight I couldn’t get a fight. There was very little opportunity so I made the big move to Vegas, and it was like a story out of a book,” he said.


After arriving in Vegas, Blair worked security at the Cromwell, then quit before his initial training was complete and with only a single paycheck. It was now or never time, in terms of his boxing career and Blair knew he had to make things happen for himself.


“I knew I couldn’t realize my full potential without just taking that leap of faith and jumping. And That’s what I did. Then everything started falling into place. I got a fight after three years, got a management team, Prince Ranch Management, and signed with Golden Boy, then my first title, and the Nevada Hall of Fame prospect of the year. It’s like I put my last coin in the slot machine and won big- it’s beautiful. I am the Las Vegas dream.”


Blair now has ample opportunity to ply his trade and showcase his talent. And boxing fans will be entertained. Sporting a look that is a cross between Hendrix and Lenny Kravitz, Blair is a southpaw with a ton of versatility.


“I’ve got multiple styles in my repertoire,” he said. “My main style to me is a Muhammad Ali style. Angles, movement, I’m able to box, come forward, go back, create space. I’ve got a lot of things at my disposal,” he described. “That’s what makes me special. I’m the guy with too many weapons. I have to choose wisely what weapons to use against the opponents I come in contact with.”


In and out of the ring Blair is a totally different person, morphing from mild mannered, laid back and easy going to a savage competitor. “I have two or more personalities,” he revealed. “One is rooted in boxing and entertainment, with the Vegas flair and the other is a more humanitarian. It’s pretty surreal to see those two people come out in the same day. They’re completely different. I really don’t remember what comes out in a fight.”


Between fights, Blair employs a focus and preparedness instilled in him by a familiar mentor- Bernard Hopkins.


“Bernard stressed to me to keep my mind and body in shape, teaching me how to eat and live, and also manage and protect my money and assets,” he said. But that doesn’t mean he’s not enjoying life.


Blair is an avid guitar fan, who not only plays but appreciates Lenny Kravitz, Hendrix, and AC/DC.


“I’ll probably be in a band,” he laughed. “I’m into a whole lot of things at once- real estate, travel, even the stock market, and (no surprise) extreme sports. Don’t be surprised if you catch me in a commercial, jumping out of an airplane shadow boxing!” he warned.


2019 is far from over and Blair Cobbs is making it HIS time. “I’m moving it forward, taking it day by day,” he said. “Everything is about preparation and opportunity and that’s what led us to the NABF title. There is a NEW threat in the welterweight division,” he exclaimed, “and his name is Blair “The Flair” Cobbs. And nobody does it better!”



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